Principles underpinning Teacher Education Qualifications

Teaching is a complex activity premised upon the acquisition, integration and application of different types of knowledge practices or learning. Although it is a skills based approach which rely heavily on evidence of demonstrable outcomes as measures of success MRTEQ pays close attention to various types of knowledge that underpin teachers practice.It refers to integrated and applied knowledge - this places renewed emphasis to what is to be learned and how it is to be learnt ( Government Gazette , 2011:7). For the Initial Teacher Education Qualifications students need to engage in practical learning.


Practical Learning implies learning in and from practice. In practice – the study of practice using discursive resources to analyse different practices. From practice the teaching in authentic and simulated classroom environments .Workplace integrated learning (WIL) - takes place in the workplace and can include aspects of learning from practice (eg. observing, reflecting etc.). Staggering and progression is evident in the Teaching Practice model of UP and the practical learning is an important condition for the development of tacit knowledge, which is an essential component of learning to teach.